Russian Federation has visa  relations with majority of foreign  states  .  Due to the bilateral agreements now  more and more  countries pass to a visa-free regime with Russia *. But  for the main European  , American  and  Asia  countries  visa is still obligatory for  visiting Russian Federation. To obtain Russian Visa  the passengers who are planning their visit to our country have to receive an official invitation from travel agency  ( travel visa )  or official Russian company  for business visits ( business visa)

•    Please check  with SVOY TS if citizens of your country need Russian visa
•    SVOY TS provides visa support  only  for passengers who  make reservation with SVOY TS and pay travel services .

turaevaManager  SVOY TS for visa support – Elena Turaeva

SVOY TS  is a Russian  company –wholesaler in travel and tourism  authorized  for the reception of  foreign tourists. SVOY TS has all necessary  licenses  and accreditations in governmental  organizations and has a right to invite foreign tourists  with travel purposes. SVOY TS  provides visa support free for  its guests .
SVOY TS has official registration and reference in  Ministry of  Foreign  Affairs and Russian Tourist Organization ( Rostourizm) with the number  MBT 013681
SVOY TS  covers with  insurance  deposit in accordance with the  Russian legislation  its business stability.
Necessary invitation documents to obtain Russian travel visa to present in Russian Consulate  are:
Confirmation letter from the Russian travel Company  and Voucher .
Samples of invitation documents