Why can incentive tours be called the most enjoyable part of MICE program?
Because incentive program is incredibly exciting and really positive trip. Such trips are organized to encourage and motivate employees or partners of the company.

The main idea of incentive tour is an inspiration. Properly constructed incentive travel program motivates the participants on productive activities. Incentive is not only the best way to reward; it is also a great investment that guarantees the company's development.

Company "Svoy TS" has the knowledge and international experience to organize group incentive tours for businesses wanting to reward their stuff and valued customers. We’ll carefully develop a script based on the personnel, industry and financial specifics of the customer. "Svoy TS" never works on templates - only individual approach!

We provide consultation, joint selection of places and subjects of the incentive tour, comprehensive support of activities (exclusive conditions of booking, rapid processing of documents, professional guides and interpreters, and any other necessary procedures).

Does your company need some yacht for incentive? Or cruise ship? Or even the island or mountain peak for especially grandiose program? We take into account all the most original requests and make them come true.

Company "Svoy TS" has at its disposal excellent team-building programs, developed in conjunction with the best consultants. Participants of incentive trips are guaranteed to receive a supply of energy, desire to move forward and to build their own future and the future of their company. No doubt, you’ll wish to come back and order another incentive program for your employees or partners.

The stuff of "Svoy TS" also regularly takes part in its own teambuilding activities, so we do know how to raise the team spirit.

Events list

Item Price
Animators, clowns 4 500 rbs p/h (3000 rbs starting from 3-6 hrs)
Ыoap bubbles show 14 000 rbs (30 min with guest insertion into bubble)
Chemical show 19 500 rbs (1 hr show with dry ice and chemical experiments)
Light show 14 000 rbs (1 showman — 7 min)
Sand show from 26 000 rbs (1 showman — 30-60 min.)
Magician 16 500 — 32 500 rbs (one magician - illusionist show lasts 30-60 min)
Rent of a candyfloss machine 10 000 rbs (for 3 hrs operation)
Rent of a popcorn machine 10 000 rbs (for 3 hrs operation)
Photo shooting 4 000 rbs p/h
Video shooting from 6 000 rbs (5500 rbs when ordered 3 hrs or more)
Puppet shows from 15 500 rbs
DJ ( lumiere , laser) from 15 500 rbs (from 3 hrs)
Candy bar (decorated  table of sweets event under the theme of sweets; pop cakes , muffins , tasty marmalade bright , curly gingerbread and others) from 36 500 rbs
Premises decoration from 6 500 rbs