Conference platforms of Moscow

m. Kurskaya, m. ChkalovskayaAddress: Nizhniaya Syromyatnicheskaya, 10, corp. 12The property has: screen, projector, flipchart, chalk board, cooler, Wi-Fi. The equipment is included in the price of rooms.Lecture rooms (total - 10 ones), from 22 to 43 people.Conference hall DEE: 85 people.Conference hall BIG: 120 people.Conference halls BIG ONE + BIG TEN: 75 people.

m. TekstilshchikiLocation: Moscow, Volgogradsky Prospect, 42. Bldg. 24The property has : Dual projector, 2 video conferencing cameras, speakers, 4 radio microphones, conferencing, plasma video wall, rack-reception for 3 people, 20 buffet table.Conference hall "Technopolis": 400 people.Meeting rooms ( "Lomonosov", "Tsiolkovsky", "Mendeleyev"): up to 17 people at the table with individual monitors, up to 15 people along the wallsLobby: 500 people.

Address: Odintsovo district, Skolkovo village, Novaya str., 100The property has : Wi-Fi, screens, projectors, the Smart-podiums in every audience, the capacity can be varied (audience-transformers), the walls with a special coating for writing with markers, audio equipment (microphones, speakers), interpreters' booths. Some tents for catering can be installed on rollerdrome, and the lawns can be used for placing scene, playing zone and so on.Lecture rooms ( "Beijing", "Delhi", "Calcutta", "Bombay", "Bangalore", "Kaliningrad", "Vladivostok", "Moscow", "Singapore", "Sao Paulo", "Rio de Janeiro "" Belo Horizonte "," Cape "," Nairobi "," Casablanca "): from 30 to 120 people.Congress Hall: 660 people.Lobby Congress Hall: 2,000 people.Open spaces (3 outdoor areas of 1000, 1260 and 1500 m 2): 5000 people.

m. Kropotskinskaya, m. PolyankaLocation: Moscow, Bersenevskaya embankment, 6The property has : Webcast and recording TV-quality directing, installation and interpretation, Wi-Fi access, presentation equipment, placement of information on the seamless HD-panels throughout the whole building, creating the high-level computer graphics and clips, personal event-managers, team of technicians.Conference hall : 350 people.Chess hall: 240 people.Press Room: 90 persons.Small hall: 120 people.Chamber lecture rooms: from 60 to 150 people.Progress Bar: 700 people.

m. NagatinskajaLocation: Moscow, Warsaw highway, 28 AThe property has : Sound equipment, video equipment, equipment for presentations.Small Hall: 30 people. (The price includes equipment)Middle Hall: 80 people. (Equipment is not included)Great Hall: 2,000 people. (Equipment is not included)

m. Kropotkinskaya, m. Park KulturyLocation: Moscow, Pervyi Zachatievsky Pereulok 4The property has : Integrated presentation display cases with lighting, the hall-zoning system (based on light partitions of 90, 180, 260 cm high), inbuilt amphitheater with VIP-lodges, a mobile hanging scene, plasma panels, built-in professional audio equipment, stage light, built-in system of fabric banners installation (the size from 1 to 100 m2), meeting package (conference room, 2 coffee breaks, lunch, mineral water).Universal hall-transformer with areas ranging from 20 to 1560 m2,4 VIP-halls

m. Park KulturyLocation: Moscow, Zubovsky Blvd., 4.The property has : the meeting room before the event, logistics, announcement and media invitation to the event, the preparation and publication of material on the basis of events in the information resources to RIA Novosti, photographer, translator, interpretation equipment, event video recording on DVD or CD-media, organization of cocktails , coffee breaks and receptions, the placement of exhibition booths, stands, info desks and roll-ups in the lobby.6 press rooms accommodating from 25 to 323 people (in total - 600)

m. Okhotny RyadAddress: Tverskaya str., 7The property has : Working space, meeting rooms, the area for very small events - presentations, negotiations, meetings.Meeting-room: 70-80 persons, 114 m2.Showroom for congress and exhibition activities: 184 m2Lecture-room : 25-30 people, 60 m2Meeting Room: 15 persons, 26 m2.Meeting room №2 (for coffee breaks, exhibitions): 33 m2

m. KurskayaAddress: Pokrovka str, 47/24, bldg. 1The property has : services for the organization of banquets, receptions and other festive events, projector, screen, sound and lighting equipment.VIP-hall: 50 persons, 60 m2.Press Room: 100 persons, 175 m2.Big Hall (convertible concert or cinema hall.): 511 persons, 900 m2Small conference hall: 40 people, 55 m2Small presentation hall: 330 m2Lobby for exhibitions, presentations and catering: 700 m2

m. VDNHLocation: Moscow, Yaroslavskoe highway, 124The property has : WI-Fi, professional light system, laser projector, smoke / snow generator, professional audio equipment, mobile stage-transformer, microphone systems for speakers, simultaneous translation (up to 3 languages ​​simultaneously), simultaneous video recording with 4 cameras , high-definition video conferencing, 3 screens, electronic touch board with content output.Gagarin Hall: 250 persons, 300 m2.Lomonosov-office B and Lomonosov-office C (Transforming halls): 60 persons, 72 m2.Lomonosov-office D:. 67 people, 41 m2Shostakovich Room (meeting room): 10 people, 16m2.