Restaurants of St. Petersburg

Address: St. Petersburg, Moscovskiy Prospect, 97 A.."Avant Garde" is a wonderful place, where guests of our country can meet our culture and recent history, and our fellow citizens fell some nostalgia. The restaurant is proud to present the House Museum of vodka, where visitors can look and even try out different kinds of vodka, liqueurs and other national drinks. Do you want to become a Pioneer? We can organize the taking ceremony and the red tie will be yours forever. Подробнее

Address: St. .Petersburg, Industrialniy Prospect, 9.“America” is truly wonderful place. Fine cuisine is able to satisfy the demanding tastes of any gourmet, luxurious interior, respectable atmosphere and polite, friendly staff. The large banquet hall is an ideal venue for any celebration - from a modest family event to an important business meeting. Подробнее

Address: St. Petersburg, Industrialny Prospect, 40/1Our restaurant complex Lyubim Rest has two universal platforms for banquets, receptions, presentations: BAR-Inn and The Roof. They are equipped with high quality facilities, as well as a small stage and dancing-hall. We provide individually designed rooms, depending on the format of the celebration. A romantic wedding, noisy party or business meeting – everything is possible in our place. Подробнее

Address: St. Petersburg, Krestovsky Island, Yuzhnaya Doroga, 15 "Karl and Friedrich" is a restaurant with its own brewery. Here they brew 4 branded beers and some seasonal ones for traditional Bavarian recipes according to the Decree of the brewing purity of 1516. This is not just a restaurant. This is a restaurant complex, where you can relax in the lounge or on the terrace in the beer garden, which holds thousands of people! “Karl and Friedrich” provides live music, dancing and even fishing in a nearby "Russkaya Rybalka". Подробнее

Address: St. Petersburg, Komarovo village, Primorskoe Highway 484 A.The Gulf of Finland is the most picturesque place of the Resort District of St. Petersburg. A restaurant "Gulfstream" in perfect harmony with the beauty of the nature thanks to its elegant interior, hospitality and atmosphere. Here you can meet the new day with a cup of coffee and watch the sunset through the glass of wine. The "Gulf Stream" has two floors and several rooms. Подробнее

Address: St. Petersburg, Turistskaya str., 34 ARestaurant "Globus" is one of the largest and coziest restaurants of the Primorsky district. The restaurant can accommodate 600 guests, a convenient zoning allows you to spend pleasant events and parties. “Globus” provides a banquet hall on the first floor, and cozy VIP rooms on the third one. Подробнее

Address: St. Petersburg, Petrovskaya embankment, 2.A feast on the frigate "Blafodat" is an affordable luxury, the opportunity for everyone to dive into a truly royal atmosphere. You’ll get an unforgettable experience and sweet memories of the delicious dishes, perfect service and surprisingly reasonable price! Подробнее

Location: St. Petersburg, Prospect Dobrolyubova, 14 AUnique atmosphere and good location in the heart of St. Petersburg.From the panoramic windows you can watch the magnificent views of the Neva River, the Spit of Vasilyevsky Island and drawbridges. A banquet or a wedding ceremony on the ship is the dream of many romantic persons. There are three species banquet halls in the three-tiered deck of the ship. Each room can accommodate up to 200 people. Laconic interior lets you make any additions and decorations at the request of guests. Подробнее

Address:. St. Petersburg, Nevsky Prospect, 17Nevsky Prospekt, the main artery of St. Petersburg, never sleeps. In the yard of Stroganov Palace there is a restaurant, the embodiment of the gloss. Gloss Cafe, as befits an institution with such a name, glitters and shimmers all the colors of luxury. It combines the latest fashion trends of modern social life, and designed in black and red style. Pan-Asian restaurant, eclectic interior, which is filled with deep, velvety shades, presents a wide menu full of excellent dishes of Oriental cuisine. Подробнее

Address: St. Petersburg, Universitetskaya embankment, 13«Bellini» - the one and only restaurant in St. Petersburg, where the windows offer stunning views of the main city sights: the Neva, the Admiralty, St. Isaac's Cathedral and the Bronze Horseman. Elegant image of Bellini is created with classic style of serving and lightweight chandelier decorated with a fine shiny thread with rhinestones.  Подробнее