The harder is your work schedule the more unusual and funny must be your vacation. When the employees are full of cheerfulness and positive, they can cope with the challenges much better. This simple rule is followed by all competent managers of successful companies.

Organization of holidays, parties and memorable events is one of the most enjoyable frameworks of Company "Svoy TS".

Creative approach and flawless organization. There are no trifles for us. The celebration should be perfect in everything: script, performers, decor and even estimates.

Individual approach and boundless imagination, sensitively tailored to your desires. Active and positive team of special “events department” works for you every moment. That’s way we do not have one-time customers. Our clients are always back.

Offsite corporate party in the best suburban club in Moscow region, or somewhere near Baikal, or even on the island in Indian Ocean? You are welcome!

The thematic program on the birthday of the company or charity event widely covered in the media? No problem!

For you it will be equally easy. Just inform our team about the preferences. Everything else we do ourselves. Promptly. Creative. Wholeheartedly.