Visiting specialized exhibitions is very important event in any kind of business.
With the introduction of marketing concepts in business, exhibitions are extensively and increasingly used as a prominent part of marketing strategies. 

Today they are also a key element of the communication strategies. The new media and technology have contributed to increase their efficiency and outreach. Generally exhibitions as events are increasingly attractive and appealing and to compete in terms of marketing strategies and distinctive features.

Company "Svoy TS" is successfully engaged in the planning and organization of trips for any exhibition all over the world.

For the visitors of the exhibitions our experienced staff provide the best mode of transport, insurance, accommodation, support and even leisure activities outside the exhibition halls.

For the exhibitors (in addition to the above) Company "Svoy TS" provides:

  • transportation of exhibits and promotional material
  • qualified interpreters and media equipment,
  • organization of press conferences
  • schedule of visits to interested companies.

There are great deal of nuances of concern to exhibitors and visitors at the planning stage. So it may knock you out of the work schedule. Company «Svoy TS" will care of all service points:- the early registration, accreditation, visa formalities and special customs permit.

The organization of visit should not be delayed on the last moment. Haste and excitement waste your time and money. Calendar of exhibitions is publishing in advance, so right after you made a decision where to go, you have to start preparation immediately.

Company «Svoy TC" appreciates the time and nerves of its customers. We’ll solve any organizational problems as fast as possible with maximum comfort for you. Just use your time at the exhibition, take full advantage of all new opportunities ... and let us know what’s your plan for the next EXPO visit!