News and Events

2016 is declared by the government a year of Russian culture.
On December 30, 1916 our country lost the great figure – Grigory Rasputin. In 2016 there will be exactly 100 years from the date of death of this famous person. We will remind that Grigory Rasputin was the friend of the family of the last Russian emperor Nicholas II. 
In 2016 Moscow and Athens will celebrate together the 1000 anniversary of the Russian presence on Athos. The significant role in carrying out preparatory activities belongs to celebration of this event to orthodox church. Greece and Russia have general pages in the history. It is also already known that next year in our country will be declared cross year of Russia and Greece....

Rouble anniversary . For the first time the rouble appeared in written sources as monetary unit in 1316. In 2016 exactly 700 years since that moment as the ruble became a symbol of our country

1966 became the period of improbable events for the USSR. In 2016 there will be exactly 50 years as the Russian nuclear submarines started to cross oceans of the world. Boats successfully returned back one and a half months later. By the way, it is remarkable what exactly in 1966 our well-known interplanetary station made the first moon landing. At this particular time we received the very first panoramic pictures of the moon..
The city of Orel –  the city of the first fireworks will celebrate 450 years . The city of Ulan-Ude will celebrate 350 years . Now the administration actively prepares the cities to celebrate this gala day. Besides, 300 years of Omsk and 850 years to the city Velikiye Luki....
Fight for liberation of Leningrad began 75 years ago. In January, 1944 the great Soviet army began a big battle to liberate this city. The elimination of the siege led to loss of a large number of soldier's lives..

07-13.02 2016 Festival - Farewell to the Winter , Russian typical folk festivity “ Maslenitsa” with shows and Russian bliny ( craps) ceremony.

March 28  240 years from the date of foundation of the Bolshoi theater (1776)

May 9 Day of military glory of Russia. A Victory Day in the Great Patriotic War of 1941-1945.

May 6-20  Ice Hockey World Cup

Sep 04   Moscow City day  holiday

Aug 27 – Sep 04  “ Spasskaya  Tower “  millitary music  festival on the Red Square Moscow

The best Russian and foreign military bands, folk groups as well as honorary guard units of the heads of states will take part in the event. At the end of each performance the joint band of all the participants – around 1,500 musicians – will appear on the Red Square. All the musicians of the Festival will play the final chords to the salvoes of the salute, with the light show on the St. Basil’s Cathedral as the background.