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40 000Since 2008 sports department develops and implements hospitality programs in international sport events all over the world. For entities and individuals, as well as representatives of the media and sports organizations, we offer:
  • Packages "Ticket + Hotel"
  • Tickets
  • Hospitality Programs
  • Additional services (transfers, excursions, etc.)
  • Transportation services (charter flights / railway tickets, buses)
  • Marketing activation
Our platform ONLINE:
B2B - Booking System Svoy Hotel for tourism professionals
B2C - system Svoy Sport - Online reservation Packages hospitality and tickets for individuals
Also, you can send us a request for corporate services and marketing activation.


In accordance with the international hospitality standards we offers unique services for accommodation and entertainment programs for corporate needs
We helps other brands to offer to the guest unforgettable impressions to maintain strong emotional links between the brand and the memory of the participation in the main sport events
  • Marketing activities for all kind of sport events
  • Corporate events
  • Hospitality programs
  • Team building
As part of the Sochi 2014 for the corporation SAMSUNG we made and realized a unique project - branding of the cruise liner. Together SAMSUNG marketing department and SVOY SPORT team:
  • developed a design project-specific and technical features of the application surface
  • reconciliation with the International Olympic Committee
  • attracted a partner for the print and controled the envelope printing
  • attracted contractors to apply an envelope on the surface of the ship
  • developed and implemented a lighting system
  • insured risks of the project
  • provided maintenance for the duration of the placement (washing, minor repairs)