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Tour Kamchatka - area

Exclusive fishing 4 days tour

Day 1

Flight from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky. Transfer to the hotel. Accommodation. Dinner.

Day 2

Departure from Petropavlovsk on a special helicopter to the upper reaches of the river Zhupanova.

During the 50-minutes flight you will see the Avacha, Koryak, Zhupanovsky, Dzendzur volcanos .

Arrival, start of the fishing. All the overnights during the trip are provided at the forest - comfort hotel with shower, toilet, Russian bath, Kamchatka’s delicacies food (wild meat and fresh salmon (sockeye), crabs, sea delicacies, red caviar)

3-4 day

Different kinds of fishing on the river Zhupanova (incl. Spinning - and fly-fishing) using a water jet.

You can enjoy the views of the active volcano Karymskii, watch birds during the river -fishing and on the beach. Trophies - river trout, mountain trout, rainbow trout (rainbow trout), salmon. You can enjoy nature and river without poachers and leisure travelers,since it’s privately owned, well-protected territory, Catching of trophies is 100% guaranteed. It’s also possible to observe bears in their natural habitat.

Day 5

Return to Petropavlovsk by helicopter, visit the fish market (caviar, shopping, souvenirs) transfer to the hotel. Overnight

Day 6

Transfer to airport for flight to Moscow

Tour can be provided for: 2/ 4-6 / 8-10 persons

The tour can also be combined with individual tour to the Valley of Geysers

Additional Information:

Aviatransport- helicopters Mi-8 (for passenger or cargo-passenger), Mi-2, Eurocopter AC 350. All helicopters are certified for passenger, have high qualified crew. Accommodation (Park Hotel "Nordic adventure" Chalet Apacha hot springs) - hotels VIP class with hot thermal pools on site, individual family houses with private pools, restaurants Kamchatka cuisine.